Strategic Platform


The mission of the Group GASURE is conducting research and carrying out technological innovations of relevance to the local region and the country, building human resources, disclosing results generated in the projects and transferring technological findings of innovations, in the following fields: combustion of gaseous fuels, influence of the atmospheric conditions on the operation of thermal systems, generation of electricity utilizing fuels of renewable sources and the sensible use of energy. 



Within a five-year span, the Group GASURE, as a result of its scientific and technological consolidation, possessing a body of researchers of high academic training and research capability and having an experimental and simulation infrastructure, will promote the efficient and safe use of gaseous and alternative fuels, supporting processes of technological innovation in the gas industry for a sensible use of energy as a result of its scientific and technological productivity, will be both nationally and internationally recognized in academic and industrial fields and by energy planning organizations, as a research group in gaseous fuels, sensible use of energy and alternative fuels. Its scientific capability will allow it to offer academic and investigative support to master´s and doctor´s degree programs for the training of human resources in the themes of its investigative agenda. In a like manner, pursue world-wide technological changes in the subject of gaseous and alternative fuels as well as new paradigms of energy conversion, to contribute to its understanding, adaptation and as an innovation into the Colombian context, avoiding the country´s scientific and technological lagging in this fields.



General aim

The Gas Science and Technology and Efficient and Sensible Use of Energy Group-GASURE- upholds as aim the research, technological development, training of human resources and the disclosure in the energy use of renewable and non renewable fuels as well as in the sensible use energy. With its research work, the Group contributes to the reduction of consumption of fuels, the optimization of industrial combustion and heating systems, to an ever increasing qualification of personnel, to the enhancement of competitiveness of productive sectors and to improvements in occupational health

Specific aims

  • Continue with the scientific training of members to the utmost level, as well as incorporating new young researchers to potentiate their training while expanding a scientific unsparing community. 

  • Consolidation of gas combustion laboratories and thermal engines. For this purposes the acquisition of new non intrusive measurement techniques is devised likely the implementation of modeling and simulation of phenomena. 

  • Execution of a research agenda in agreement with world tendencies and those of domestic relevance, among others an approach to the following subjects is also devised: flameless combustion, oxygen enriched combustion, characteristics and phenomena of combustion of mixtures of natural gas and hydrogen and other alternative fuels (biodiesel, petrol-alcohol mixtures), new generation of alternative engines, distributed power systems and follow-up of technological changes of fuel cells.

  • Articulation with sectors of the economy, society and government demanding our research and services: gas distribution companies, urban transport sector, power generation companies, gas equipment manufacturers, users, UPME, CREG, The Ministry of Mining and Energy, The Ministry of Environmental affairs.

  • Strengthening of interactions with scientific communities in the subject.

  • Offer academic and research support to the doctor´s and master´s degrees in engineering of the University of Antioquia.

  • Develop a plan of technological innovation in gas systems equipment, incorporating research results on the mitigation of the effect of atmospheric conditions and combustion of gaseous fuels already conducted by the group, and which may be adaptable to the economic scale of small and medium-sized enterprises.