Forge furnace and heat treating with dual heat transfer systems: convection and radiation

Horno de forja

The forge Furnace is a compact system constituted by two burners working in a cycle of minimum periods of 30 seconds with a global power of 28 kW on a LHV basis. The burners characterize because they possess heat regenerators accumulating heat from the combustion products transferring it to the air, preheating it before the combustion. The furnace is also equipped with a high emissivity silicon carbide radiant tube and a control system which activates or deactivates the burners during the selected commutation cycle among burners.

Combustion system and heating by infrared radiation and heat recovery for low temperature processes.

Horno de radiación

The developed technology consists of two main parts; The high energy efficiency self-recuperative self-regenerative burner and the radiation heat transfer unit and load placement. The high energy efficiency self-recuperative self-regenerative burner consists of an integrated ceramic matrix heat recovery system, with the characteristic of being able to work, without making any modifications or adjusts to the burner, at the same time in self-recuperation and self-regeneration modes.

Flameless combustion oven, with self-regenerative burner for heat recovery

El horno de combustión sin llama es un dispositivo que trabaja bajo un régimen de combustión altamente diluida, donde el proceso de reacción se lleva a cabo de forma volumétrica en todo el volumen de la cámara de combustión debido a las bajas concentraciones de oxígeno en los reactivos, este efecto genera que la zona de reacción se expanda y el frente de llama no sea visible. 

Self-regenerative furnace for melting non-ferrous materials and heat treatment

The self-regenerative crucible furnace CRISOREG-AL200 uses gaseous fuels as natural gas, LNG, biogas among others. Equipped with a flame safety control system, a silicon carbide crucible, an air supply system, a hydraulic system to facilitate the casting pouring, a self-regenerative burner and a flue. The burner possesses two combustion zones located on the crucible´s sides, working in cycles, in one cycle one of the zones works in a combustion mode whereas the other works in a regenerative mode.